ATRA Gulf States


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  The ATRA Gulf States Chapter welcomes you to our website. Our chapter is affiliated with ATRA — the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association. ATRA is an international trade association for the professional automatic transmission repair industry. The Gulf States Chapter offers its members opportunities they could not realize on a National or International basis. The primary purpose of our chapter is to engage in local activities that directly affect and enhance the transmission rebuilding industry.   The ATRA-Gulf States Chapter was established in the 80's and later incorporated in 1998 in the state of Alabama. The chapter encompasses the entire state of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and the panhandle of Florida. The chapter proudly serves the needs of it's members for the betterment of the transmission industry by: * Coordinating Annual ATRA Technical Seminars within the chapter area. * Organizing the ever so popular Southern Hospitality Night. * Conducting Annual Business Meetings. * Planning fun and technical get-to-gathers, such as BBQ's and Mini Hands-On Classes and * Meeting the Special Needs of it's members especially during the devastation of Hurricane Katrina by establishing the Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund which helped numerous ATRA chapter members. TOGETHER WE STAND....UNITED THROUGH DIVERSITY...WE WILL SUPPORT EACH OTHER.



The ATRA Board of Directors has voted to allow ATRA Technical Subscribers the use of the ATRA Member logo in their advertising. They are also listed in the online Member directory (Shop Finder). In the directory, Rebuilder Members and Technical Subscribers are clearly noted.

Rebuilder member may wish to use the alternate logo which designates them as an “ Authorized Warranty Service Center".  All available logos are downloadable in the logo section of this web site.